Value Target Will Be Launching Its On-Line Bartering Services On Sunday, June 7, 2009 As A Predominately On-Line Bartering System

Value Target is a place where users list those items or services that they want to trade for other items or services. Value Target has included many of the member features, such as distance from, that allow its users to quickly locate those goods and/or services of interest.


Whether it is a good or a service it’s not difficult to find sites that allow you to pay for a “for sell” listing. However, currency is only one form of commerce; an equal trade of services is another. There are many “trading” sites available to the on-line user, but they can be limited to the regional areas or lack the fine grained user functionality of locating within a close proximity.

Value Target at launch will be offering the first 250 item listings at no cost to the user. Two types will be available, and always for free. Users that want to just give away goods are welcome to create a “Free” listing. Users that are in need of a service or good but haven’t found a listing to trade with are welcome to create a “Wanted” listing.

Value Target allows users to create paid item listings that covers items and services. When it comes to vehicle, real estate, and watercraft listings we have taken it further to incorporate specific descriptions of each. For no charge users are allowed to create “Free Listings” and “Wanted Listings” in hopes to accomplish trades. Even the on-site advertising is user generated to boost any users success at generating interest.

Great selling sites offer users the ability to see all products, yet fine grain searches down to the most relevant as well as closest. Value Target recognizes that; while a web developer may be able to trade programming services all over the world, a dentist may only trade services in the next city. Value Target has included geo location to help users find items by proximity to their location.

Communication between users is key as well. With accounts, users are allowed to send messages between their accounts, or questions and offers on a submitted listing. When a user registers they can elect to receive notification of their message, question, or offer via email. Additionally they can elect to receive an email for those new items activated that interests them.

Value Target is a place that fully recognizes that money doesn’t make the world go round. Everyone has something that they can trade for something else.


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