Enterprise Level CRM Data Cleansing By Acquirelists

Bad data within your CRM system can drastically reduce the effectiveness of your sales, service, and marketing organizations. Duplicate companies and contacts, incorrect addresses, and incomplete information results in a CRM system that 1) is underutilized by your employees, 2) creates conflict within your sales organization, and 3) is a wasted investment. Acquirelists CRM data cleansing services ensure that data within ERP or CRM silos, Data Marts or Legacy Systems is accurate and complete across the enterprise. Enhance the value of your data by intelligently enriching it with data from trusted sources.

Commenting, Acquirelists Marketing Manager George Goss said “Acquirelists new CRM data services are already widely used by all the industries; we are now bringing CRM data solutions to all types of business to business sales companies. Whether they require CRM data enrichment, CRM data cleansing, CRM data appending or market intelligence, Acquirelists have a commitment to ensuring the ongoing success of its partners.”

Enhance the Value of Marketing Data through Acquirelists CRM Data Enrichment Service

1) Append Contact Name, Title,Email, SIC Code, DUNS Number, Revenue, Phone & Fax Number etc or other internal or external information to your data
2) De-dup your data and merge duplicate records based on clearly defined business rules
3) Remove garbage data to reduce time wasted by your staff
4) Standardize and clean up addresses, phone numbers, and other existing data
5) Add new emails, phone numbers, and titles to your contact database
6) Add detailed company data such as assets, revenues, employees, and addresses
7) Identify parent-subsidiary relationships

Acquirelists CRM data cleansing services extract, deduplicate, standardize, analyze, validate and enrich data. The result of these services is a CRM system that is well organized with accurate information to be leveraged by your sales and marketing organizations. Our cleansing approach is driven by our experience in business rules management and in data governance compliancy.

• Remove any Existing Duplicates
• Match Phonetic, Miskeyed, Abbreviated Data
• Prevent the Addition of Duplicate Records
• Automatically Case Names & Addresses
• Relocate Data Elements to Correct Fields
• On Demand Cleansing, Real-Time or Batch
• Merge / Purge, Intelligent Lookup
• Data Enrichment


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