People Search Experts Tracesmart Are Teaming Up With Alan Titchmarsh Show In A Campaign To Locate Missing Persons And Reunite Them With Loved Ones

Tracesmart is once again working with programme makers aiming to reunite missing friends and find relatives. The Alan Titchmarsh show, which is produced by Spungold TV, is appealing for people wishing to be reunited with someone in their life, and Tracesmart has been enlisted to help with the search.

The production team is eager to feature emotional or uplifting reunited stories on the show as part of their Christmas programming. The Alan Titchmarsh Show broadcasts on the ITV network in the afternoons, and is presently in its third series. The programme infuses real life stories, celebrity guests with everyday advice, and topical subject matter. The show also features a new debate everyday that is examined and discussed with guests which viewers are encouraged to participate. The Christmas shows will aim to feature some of the families that Tracesmart are able to reunite and also appeals for assistance with traces that may require the help of viewers.

Tracesmart is regularly contacted by individuals needing help to find relatives or friends, and customers are suprised that through a simple address search using our electoral rollsearch facility they find the missing person is still at the same address,” comments Louise Hewlett, the PR and Trace Co-ordinator at Tracesmart.

Previously, Tracesmart has helped with stories for the hugely successful BBC daytime programme ‘Missing Live’. The series followed the work of the police and the charity Missing People in their efforts to uncover the whereabouts of hundreds of individuals every year. The programme makers also wanted to feature family reunions that had recently taken place, and highlight the difficulties some individuals encounter as they search to find the missing person.

Owen Roberts, Tracesmart’s Communications Manager commented, “Christmas always brings heartwarming stories to our screens and Tracesmart has always helped develop these stories more than most, so we are delighted to assist The Alan Titchmarsh Show. With our powerful people search facility we are confident of being able to reunite people and bring happiness to thousands who have long lost friends or relatives.”

If you would like to be reunited with a missing person and would like to be featured on The Alan Titchmarsh Show please email

Tracesmart Limited – Since the launch of its website in 2004 Tracesmart Limited has established itself as one of the UK’s leading providers of online people tracing combines state of the art search technology with an extensive collection of consumer data, providing one of the most powerful and successful systems to trace people.

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Swiss offshore Hosting Provider Artmotion Ltd – the first offshore hosting provider who offers unlimited 10 Mbit/s Dedicated Server Products for $149 USD/mo

According to Artmotion, it is no secret that Switzerland is becoming a main attraction for high security server applications. During the last few months the company has came across many US customers seeking for unlimited dedicated server solutions with a high secure datacenter location. The partnership with many international upstream providers allows Artmotion to deliver 10 Mbit/s Dedicated Server including unlimited traffic at extremely cost-efficient price.

As Mateo Meier, President and CEO of Artmotion Ltd, explained “An offshore dedicated server with a 10 Mbit/s port usually costs over $350/mo. Our new partnership with many international upstream providers enables us to deliver dedicated servers with unlimited bandwidth for under $150 USD.” He also said “With hosted server solutions we find that every customer’s requirements can be quite different, the best approach is to make the server fit its application and not the other way around. Therefore we also lunched business dedicated servers which are fully customized for each client”

Artmotion Ltd allows the customers to host their IT infrastructure as well as their Website on a secure offshore location. According to the company, Switzerland has a central European location and offers many benefits such as an extremely low risk of natural disasters (hurricanes, earthquakes etc.) and a high level of privacy protection.

About Artmotion Ltd

Founded in 2000, Artmotion Ltd is a privately held offshore Internet Solutions Provider. The company provides a full range of Internet-based solutions focused on small and medium businesses. Artmotion has offices in Zug – Switzerland as well as in London – England. Its data center operations are located in a highly secure Swiss offshore location. The datacenter is multi homed and connected to 17 different peerings and providers, enabling the company to offer a 99,9% network uptime guarantee.

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