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INeedABargain.com Launches Top Picks for Bargains

INeedABargain.com launched a feature emphasizing top picks of discount shopping and online coupons of over one hundred and twenty categories. Deals from over thirty web sources are aggregated by INeedABargain.com. The top deals are then picked and ordered by potential popularity. There’s no better time than now, the 2011 Christmas shopping season, for this feature to make its debut.

“Shoppers are eager to see the best deal during these heavy shopping seasons,” says Hsufeng Ko, founder of INeedABargain.com. “That’s why we’re passionate about presenting a combined view of top deals from multiple discount shopping sources.”

While other sites simply put hot deals out there, I Need A Bargain also cites the fact that multiple websites recommend a certain deal. I Need A Bargain counts up the recommendations, which then leads to picking a top deal. This top picks feature has no interference from humans, which means there are no biased opinions. The top picks are updated regularly so that no outdated deals stay the top pick.

The top picks feature lessens the need of browsing through thousands of deals for the best one. Deals are ordered according to potential popularity, with the top picks at the top of the page. All categories, one hundred and twenty-one of them, are organized in the same fashion to ensure consistency, ease of use, and lack of confusion.

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Yahoo!’s Nokia Partnership Could Change Mobile Web Playing Field For Google And Apple Claims Seo Company Queryclick.com

The last few years have seen Yahoo! scrabbling to prove it’s still a relevant, and powerful company in the face of Google’s exponential growth, and SEO experts Queryclick.com think that the company’s new partnership with Nokia is a good step in the right direction.

Yahoo!'s Nokia Partnership Could Change Mobile Web Playing Field For Google And Apple Claims Seo Company Queryclick.com

While Yahoo! has lost a lot of ground when it comes to search, the internet company is quick to point out that it has its fingers in many pies. In fact, CEO Carol Bartz recently claimed that Google needed to up its plans for diversification if it wanted to continue to flourish in the future. Now, Yahoo! has revealed a new partnership with Nokia, a timely move when the growing number of mobile web users is taken into consideration.

The deal aims to prove expanded services for those accessing the internet on their mobile phones and will focus primarily on improving maps, navigation and location based functions. Email will also receive the benefit of the mind share and it is thought that the partnership will help both companies keep costs down.

Search engine optimisation company Queryclick.com SEO company Queryclick.com believes that the deal is a smart move for the internet company. A spokesperson explained: “This is a good choice for both Yahoo! and Nokia and we’re glad to see Yahoo! continuing to keep itself afloat by diversifying and keeping an eye on current trends.

“In our view, it’s good to see team ups that will help drive innovation towards the mobile web. This is a quickly growing market that is still open to innovation and if deals like this can shake up market leaders such as Google and Apple, then the benefits will appear for the users – in the form of better systems and functions.

The deal should also provide dividends for Nokia, which is the leading handset provider in a number of markets but languishes when it comes to America.

Yahoo! has been subject to some criticism about the amount of time its taking to turn around and recover but considering the death knell cries that surrounded the company only a year ago, Ms Bartz is fiercely defensive of what they have achieved. A recent, hard fought, deal with Microsoft has left the company with far more autonomy than was originally anticipated by industry authorities and SEO experts Queryclick.com say that smart partnerships will be the way forward for the company.

“Yahoo! can’t beat rivals such as Google when it comes to search, but the company has plenty more to offer.

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Bigmouthmedia Welcomes The New Search Partnership Between Yahoo And Microsoft’s Bing Search Engine, Stating That The New Arrangement Could Rejuvenate Competition In A Market Currently Dominated By Google

Although details of the deal are as yet unclear, reports from numerous credible news outlets worldwide suggest that after many months of negotiation, the global giants are set to unveil an agreement that will see Yahoo sell search ads under Microsoft’s nascent Bing brand. While estimates of the global market share the partnership will hold vary from 12% to 30%, Europe’s largest independent digital marketing agency believes that the news will have a positive impact upon the industry.

“It’s been 18 months since the rumour mill first started touting the possibility of a deal involving Yahoo and Microsoft, and the industry as a whole will be delighted to see what’s become the search business’ longest-running soap opera finally approaching a conclusion. The devil will be in the detail, but given the alarming dominance that Google has held over the market for so long, the prospect of a serious challenge to their position is good news for everyone,” said Lyndsay Menzies, Chief Operations Officer at bigmouthmedia.

“Although the impact in the UK will be minimal, with the combined entity still only accounting for a market share of around 5%, competition in any market is good for consumers. If the partnership succeeds in growing their market share still further, the renewed challenge could force Google to become more competitive.”

With the precise details of the agreement still a closely guarded secret, the news that Yahoo has finally succumbed to Microsoft’s advances has spawned widespread speculation over the deal’s possible ramifications. While the prospect of a serious competitor to Google’s Adwords system is being touted as a move that could help push PPC advertising prices downwards, other commentators have suggested that the deal could force the search giant to reconsider its policy against paying commission to partner agencies.

“There are still more questions than there are answers about this deal, but If Yahoo’s paid search ads are powered by Bing then we will have another credible search engine to consider for paid search budgets. That may result in some instability as bid management platforms adapt to cope with the new landscape, but it will help keep cost-per-click prices down,” said Andrew Girdwood, bigmouthmedia’s Head of Search.

“But if Bing is only going to supply Yahoo with organic results then it still means Yahoo is out of the search game. They’ll not be developing their search engine, are unlikely to return to it and will in essence become an ad management platform – the long term effects of which remain to be seen.”

About bigmouthmedia
Founded in 1997, bigmouthmedia is Europe’s largest and most experienced digital marketing agency and was rated the UK’s #1 Search agency for Search Engine Optimisation and PPC in the 2009 NMA Marketing Services Guide.

Bigmouthmedia’s 200+ online marketing experts across 12 international offices maximise online brand exposure for our clients by means of integrated digital strategies incorporating SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate marketing, Display Advertising, Online PR and Copywriting.

Bigmouthmedia’s multilingual digital solutions deliver outstanding ROI for over 300 world leading brands including British Airways, Tesco, ebay, Sky, Cisco, BT, Comic Relief, Barclaycard and Europcar.

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