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Shrine – Book Of Heaven

KUWAIT, Kuwait, 2020-Nov-06 — /EPR INTERNET NEWS/ — After going through a personal experience when my father passed away, I felt the need for a way to express my feelings where ever I be.

I decided to invest in the development of a dedicated app to honoring and remember loved ones. The development continued for three years and produced an unprecedented app with outstanding features.

I named it Shrine. It is a free and easy to install. With Shrine you can express your feelings privately or publicly. You can send daily blessings to the deceased soul, It provides many options and features, you’ll discover yourself.


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New technology solves digital overload for family memories

OurHive LOGO onlySan Diego, CA, December 14, 2015 — /EPR NETWORK/ — Have you ever had the issue of looking for a specific photo and can’t find it? You
thumb scroll endlessly but there’s no effective way to sift through all those photos every time you’re looking for something specific.

OurHive™ is the newest family app that combines patented technology and a private family network to deal with this growing issue of digital overload. The app is now live on Google Play, the App Store and as a Web App at www.GetOurHive.com.

OurHive combines the best features of a photo and video application with a private social network created especially for families. With the OurHive app, family photos and videos can be automatically tagged, organized and instantly shared with only the people you care most about. Once a private Hive is created, family members can upload and share photos and videos with each other using their iPhones, iPads, Android phones, tablets, laptops or desktop computers. All files are archived in high resolution and can be viewed and downloaded anytime.

“For many families, life is full of sacred moments that should be treasured and preserved for generations to come,” said Stephen D. Rosen, co-founder and Chief Visionary Officer of OurHive. “Today’s digital world has made sharing information convenient, but too often that sharing is made with impersonal detachment. OurHive is for people who appreciate the special intimacy that comes with sharing special memories.”

Photo and video sharing within mass-market social networks can sometimes be compromised by unauthorized use and manipulation of media. Special attention has been made with OurHive’s cloud interface to ensure the best security. Photos and videos are encrypted every step in the journey from devices to OurHive servers and back again, and the content can only be accessed by invited, password-protected members.

Because archiving and tracking family photo albums is important, the OurHive app was designed to make tagging and organization simple and accessible. Every photo and video you take with the iOS or Android app ‘automagically’ adds a caption and location from your calendar, along with the closest address when GPS is enabled. You can then edit the filename, add tags and captions and give your photos the same context that writing on the back in ink used to for print photographs.

“Whether it’s your child’s first birthday or grandma’s retirement party, OurHive encourages the family to share all of the pictures and videos they take — not just a few chosen ones that you put on Facebook or Instagram,” said Jeff Symon, co-founder and president. “With OurHive, anyone in your Hive can download any picture they want from any of their internet-connected devices. No more having to remember to text or email individual photos later.”

How OurHive Works

Starting your own Hive begins with one family member starting a free 20GB Family Hive by visiting GetOurHive.com or downloading the “OurHive” app on Google Play and the App Store. They can then invite as many family members or close friends as they want into their secure, private Hive. Each user can then download the free app on the iOS or Android device of their choice and start contributing and sharing family memories.

OurHive™ automatically stores your photos and videos in high resolution in your own private network. Anyone in your family Hive can download anytime they want and future updates will allow for even more functionality.

Visit us a www.GetOurHive.com to sign up and learn more, and join the conversation athttps://www.facebook.com/getourhive

Contact-Details: Kyle Strickland – kyle@ourhive.biz

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Thingsneversaid.com Virtual Memorial Want To Help You Turn Your Sorrow Into A Celebration Of Life And Love

How is that possible? With a ThingsNeverSaid.com virtual memorial. A virtual memorial is a personalized webpage that allows for the expression of feelings and appreciation for one lost. This online memorial lets you tell others about the life and accomplishments of your loved one while you share and receive encouragement, support, and comfort from friends and family members who visit to pay tribute themselves.

Friends and family can stop at your ThingsNeverSaid virtual memorial as often as they wish. There, they will find comfort and enlightenment through shared memories and comments. They can also contribute their own thoughts and feelings to the virtual memorial.

When you visit ThingsNeverSaid.com you’ll notice the calm and soothing atmosphere, simple layout, and easy to follow instructions.

Clicking the “About Us” tab introduces the site creators, whose mission is to create a heartwarming and heart-healing place for you to visit, grieve, and say the ThingsNeverSaid by creating a virtual memorial.

Once a virtual memorial has been set up, friends and family can find it by using the “Search” tab. Florists, funeral homes, and similar service providers can be found by utilizing the “Local Search” tabs.

Grieving is a difficult process, as unique as each individual. Help is available and readily found by browsing our extensive listing of helpful websites. Through this page you can contact support groups, counselors, and outreach groups that offer understanding, comfort, and guidance as you cope with death, loss, grief, and recovery. Help is just a click away; go to the “Get Help” tab to begin your journey.

The “Charities” tab opens a listing of worthy organizations where you can make a donation in tribute to your loved one. Included are various programs related to branches of the Armed Forces as well as specific disease-related research funds, children’s organizations, and nature conservation projects. Linking your loved one’s name with an honorable cause can help ease the loss and encourage others to assist. Volunteering your time to promote a worthy cause will make you feel better and give you an opportunity to share your thoughts and feelings with others as you continue down the road to healing.

The process of creating a virtual memorial is simple. View the “Sample Pages” for ideas, then click on “Add Someone” to get started. Biographical information about your loved one will help tell the world who they were, what they liked, and the things they accomplished in their lifetime. Photos and video clips bring your virtual memorial to life, offering vivid testament to the character of your cherished friend or family member.

ThingsNeverSaid offer three membership levels: one year, five years, or lifetime. Prices are affordable for most any budget and allow you to create a loving tribute through a virtual memorial.

Visit them and create a legacy for your loved one with a virtual memorial.

About ThingsNeverSaid
ThingsNeverSaid.com is an online memorial site, created by Farhad Dan Ahdoot and Wallace Sermons, as a place for grieving family and friends to share stories, love and laughter for those that have passed. With the help of other websites, esteemed charities, and projects that honor fallen soldiers and world tragedies, they hope to create a place where people can celebrate life and pay tribute to the memories of loved ones.

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