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Media, Fashion and Entertainment People at gbn4me.com

Gbn4me.com, Business Networking site for the Fashion, Media and Entertainment industry has added people from various fields since last three months. GBN4ME here gives an opportunity to Media, fashion and Entertainment fraternity to communicate and thus expand there knowledge base.

GBN4ME strives to bring people from Media, Fashion and Entertainment industry together and thus raising the bar higher from social networking to quality business networking.

The newly added people are voice over artists, wedding planners, directors, models, fashion & accessory designers, musicians, writers, publishers and much more.

“Members are interacting in their respective fields for various opportunities”, mentioned Sudhanshu Srivastava (founder Gbn4me).

Gbn4me is constantly updating features, which is improving traffic on the site and number of members while maximizing the exposure in Media, Fashion and Entertainment industry.

Via EPR Network
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