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Budapest-based Green Fox Academy starts its first coding bootcamp in Prague

BUDAPEST, Hungary, 29-Oct-2018 — /EPR INTERNET NEWS/ — By 2020 almost 500,000 ICT jobs may remain unfilled in Europe according to European Commission’s estimate. Coding bootcamps offer one way in which this issue can be addressed, by reeducating career changers looking to move into the IT industry. Budapest-based Green Fox Academy, who run Hungary’s first 4-month-long coding bootcamp course, has just started its first course in Prague, with 16 students. The teaching methods and course structure are the same as the courses which take place in Budapest.

While the unemployment rate in the Czech Republic is the lowest in Europe, it is notable that the labor market has a shortfall of 20,000 IT professionals. Coding bootcamps offer one way in which this shortage of developers can be addressed, and is one reason why Hungary’s first 4-month-long coding bootcamp, Budapest-based Green Fox Academy, has opened a new bootcamp in Prague primarily for career changers looking to move into the IT industry. “The lack of IT professionals is not a local but a regional tendency,” says Kristóf Bárdos, co-founder of Green Fox Academy. “Digital technologies are having a wide impact on all industries, entire professions are disappearing or being re-defined, and new jobs are being created. Digital skills are becoming vital in every industry.” Bootcamps can plug this gap by reeducating career changers.

Green Fox Academy started its first course in Budapest in 2015 with 21 students, and since then 380 students have graduated from the bootcamp. Green Fox Academy’s 10th cohort, with more than 80 students, begin their studies in Budapest this October, while in Prague the first course has just begun with 16 participants.

Green Fox Academy entered the Czech market with a local partner, Czechitas. This non-profit corporation organizes courses in programing, web development, graphic design or data analytics for girls and women. They have more than 4,000 graduates per year.

SOURCE: EuropaWire

Advice on Health, Languages and Jobs Thanks to New ASAP Ventures Sites

Leading online web stable ASAP Ventures has launched new websites which will further augment its stable of consumer advice sites and now offers people the latest on subjects including jobs, languages and health. The new sites feature Language-Translation.co.uk, LondonJobs.org.uk and MedicalCentre.co.uk.

Lots of people look to refresh their careers in a New Year and one of the new ASAP sites is here to help them in that regard. People who are thinking of looking into what London jobs are available can visit LondonJobs.org.uk to get themselves up to speed about getting a new career on the move in the country’s capital city.

Getting away for some sunshine in the midwinter is another popular New Year move, and to help people get their heads around some new language skills and language translation techniques ahead of travelling to their destination, ASAP has launched new site Language-Translation.co.uk.

Also on show from the latest site introductions in the ASAP Ventures stable is health and medical advice site MedicalCentre.co.uk. Consumers and web users can log on to find out all they need to know about a wide range of health and medical centre subjects including cardiology, dermatology, neurology and more.

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