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CDP Institute Europe (CDPIE): European revenue for all CDP vendors will total at least €200 million in 2018, including €130 million for EU-based vendors

AMSTERDAM, 06-Sep-2018 — /EPR INTERNET NEWS/ — European companies that have deployed Customer Data Platforms are highly satisfied with their systems, according to a study released today by the CDP Institute Europe (CDPIE).

The survey found that the CDP was delivering “significant value” for 80% of CDPIE members who had completed a deployment. In total, 24% reported a CDP in place, another 34% had a deployment in process or planned within the next twelve months, and the balance had plans to deploy after the next twelve months, no plans to deploy, or didn’t know.

Other findings in the report include:

  • large consumer companies (over €100 million revenue) have a much more pressing need for CDPs, with 68% saying they had many disconnected marketing systems. This group is the core of the CDP marketplace worldwide. Only 26% of business-to-business companies have many disconnected systems.
  • large consumer companies are more likely to connect their systems with a CDP. A total of 86% had a CDP in place or were planning a deployment. By contrast, 52% of business marketers had no CDP deployment plans, reflecting the greater existing integration those groups reported.
  • Interest in CDPs extends well beyond marketing departments. Marketers accounted for just 40% of respondents at B2C companies, with IT (23%) and corporate management (17%) also heavily represented.
  • Over-all, CDP deployment in Europe is in early stages. Only 14% of CDPIE members at large consumer companies had completed their CDP deployment. We believe deployment rates are substantially lower among non-CDPIE members.

The full report can be downloaded here.

Customer Data Platforms are packaged software that builds a unified customer database which can be shared with other systems. The CDP Institute estimates that European revenue for all CDP vendors will total at least €200 million in 2018, including €130 million for EU-based vendors, and is growing above 50% per year. For details, see the CDP Institute’s CDP Industry in Europe Report and worldwide CDP Industry Update, both published in July 2018.

SOURCE: EuropaWire

BigDayBliss gets ready for launch in 2013, engage with a new generation of Brides and Grooms

BigDayBliss is set to be the first service of its kind, offering a free social gateway for Brides and Grooms to share, plan and connect with local, national and worldwide network of wedding companies.

Unlike anything else on the market, BigDayBliss will incorporate an award-winning Website and App, providing companies selling wedding products free and instant access to their ideal target market. The service offers a perfect platform for a business to engage with consumers and promote individual products by making a profile for  brides, bloggers, celebrities, grooms and industry experts to explore and share.

Businesses build their online profile at Bigdaybliss.com and create an interactive, user-friendly catalogue of every product they have to offer. Brides and Grooms to-be can then construct their complete wedding by searching the endless database of products, connecting with other users to gain inspiration. They can “bliss” their favourite items, in order to build a wish list.

Although the website and App do not launch until next year, businesses and wedding service providers will have the opportunity to sign up for this one-of-a-kind service, free of charge. By registering early, companies beat their competitors to the market and can build an extensive portfolio which, when the service is launched, will appear to potential customers from day one.

As well as offering instant access to a niche audience, BigDayBliss provides an interactive showcase for a portfolio of products, in the setting of real weddings. After their big day, newlyweds publish their own photos to create a professional online album. This efficient interactive catalogue is an unmissable opportunity for any business in the wedding industry. Bridal recommendations and albums showing specific products in action will provide a boost to P.R.

Coming in early 2013, companies can be among the first to register by visiting BigDayBliss in order to take full advantage of its free gateway to the people who matter.

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Business customers, asset management and fashion style domains added to the leading web-based business group

Advising the UK public on a range of important topics, ASAP Ventures Ltd has added to its network of information and advice sites. The new domains which were acquired are Catwalk.co.uk, AssetManagement.org.uk and Clients.co.uk, each one bolstering the company’s standing as the leading web-based group in the UK.

Fashion gurus around the UK can now find out the latest catwalk items from major designer labels such as Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu or Gucci, with ASAP’s new Catwalk.co.uk site. Information from top fashion houses and products are now based under one site.

AssetManagement.org.uk, is the new financial site from ASAP Ventures, designed to help people look after their money via asset management tips. The site will grow into a great resource for people to go to when needing financial advice.

In business, looking after clients and managing customers is paramount to staying on top, and ASAP Ventures Ltd’s new Clients.co.uk does just that. The new site is another great addition to the ever-growing network.

Derek Paulson, spokesperson for ASAP Ventures Ltd, commented on the latest sites:
“We are really proud of acquiring these domain names and are looking forward to making them grow into the number one resourceful sites in their respective fields. Business skills, finances and fashion are hot topics right now, and we are looking to add to our group further over the next few months.”

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Info Media Consultancy Helps United Arab Emirates Companies Grow Using the Power of the Internet

A new company called Info Media Consultancy is transforming the way businesses in the United Arab Emirates market themselves, according to Managing Director Hani Masgidi. “After the world financial crisis, businesses need to find new ways to attract and retain customers if they are to remain competitive. The good news is that with proper guidance, this form of marketing is both cost-efficient and highly effective.”

Info Media Consultancy offers a variety of services to their clients. In most cases, Mr. Masgidi recommends that a company start with a customized strategic marketing plan. This plan focuses on optimizing your online presence for both user experience and search engine optimization. “Many companies don’t realize the impact your website has on your bottom line,” says Mr. Masgidi. “Make the necessary changes and you will see an immediate increase in both leads and revenue.” Some of the components of the strategic marketing plan include search engine optimization (SEO), email management, video marketing, user interface analysis and internet advertising.

Info Media Consultancy has several advantages that make them stand out over the competition for UAE marketing consultancies. For one thing, they are on the cutting edge when it comes to online marketing practices. “There are innovations in internet marketing every day,” explains Mr. Masgidi. “What worked a month ago may no longer be effective today, so you need to choose a consultant that monitors trends constantly.”

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Internet Marketing Services Examines Googles Testing

Internet marketing services includes features which influence the victory of a website and since Google search is and has been the leader within the internet world for a long time controlling over 75% of the internet traffic and any changes made by google affects all websites which is the foundation of marketing for webmasters, google then becomes a target of interest for any changes they now implement.

Internet marketing services includes features which influence the victory of a website. The internet is a uncertain and evolving entity with a life of it’s own or so it seems. Many of the strategies used successfully nine or ten years ago have now become either totally out-of-date in usefulness or simply not able to provide the website owner with the tools to successfully compete with other website owners.

Internet marketing services studies and uses all the latest and newest techniques due to successful quality results of the tests that are conducted upon detection of a system or software.

Since research is consistently conducted, many times new information is discovered and either eliminated from it’s knowledge base due to inferior information or features and also Internet Marketing Services will disclose new trends or information that is being used by various search engines or marketing gurus that is utmost valuable for webmasters to learn about.

One of the most recent interesting discoveries involved a report from various parties about Google’s change to it’s systems which was reported as being implemented now. This change discovered by Internet Marketing Services was reported not as planned change but as an actual change being implemented. As a result, since Internet Marketing Services main goal is to research and gather various information together in order to report its discoveries, this was began.

The alteration expected was that paid listings will no longer show in a different background color on the side and top of google. The party disclosing this change was extremely excited especially over the listings on the top of google above the natural listings.

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Top Web Design Internet Marketing Company Introduces Its New Vice President of Sales

Leading New York web design and website marketing firm says that Milosh J. Cerevka brings experience and an impressive work history which makes him so valuable to the company.

According to Peter Crisafi, Vice President of dzine it, Inc., a leading New York web development and website Marketing company with clients throughout the United States, the firm has named Milosh J. Cerevka, former Associate Director of Development Counsellors International (DCI), as the company’s new Vice President of Sales.

“We’re happy to have Milosh join the dzine it team, says Crisafi. “We are confident that he will be an asset to the growth and expansion of the dzine it brand.”

Cerevka has an impressive track record in sales and marketing, including holding top positions at firms such as California-based UserTrends, Inc., WebTel Wireless, Inc., and New York-based ICS Inc. Most recently, Cerevka worked at a top level position at DCI, a 50-year-old global economic development firm that specializes in marketing, public relations, social media, website enhancement, trade promotion, tourism, and business attraction services for countries, states, cities and regions.

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Proposed European Legal Move Planned To Regulate The Use Of Cookies Could Have A Profound Negative Impact Upon Some Of The World’s Biggest Businesses

Bigmouthmedia has warned that a proposed European legal move to regulate the use of cookies could have a profound negative impact upon the some of the world’s biggest businesses.

In a move that threatens affiliate marketing, bid management and web analytics, proposed amendments to the 2002 European Communities Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications would mean that in future, websites would only be able to place cookies on visitors’ computers if they give their express consent.

“This is a proposal that would strike at the very heart of what the digital economy is all about. The ability to measure, track and improve the site experience for visitors is key to the success of e-commerce, and given the potentially damaging effect this could have on a multi-billion pound business channel, suggests legislators don’t quite appreciate the havoc they could cause,” said Andrew Girdwood, Head of Search at bigmouthmedia.

“This isn’t really a privacy issue. More often than not, cookies only contain data to measure the success of keywords or affiliates. We support attempts to raise awareness of privacy issues and provide internet users with more control but believe these functions would be better provided by the browser than the website. This would give users even greater flexibility and more consistency.”

Many areas of the digital marketing business could be seriously affected if the proposed legislative changes come into effect, with big names from Amazon to Google likely to be hit. Services dependent on using user data to track sales such as affiliate marketing would suffer significantly, while pay-per-click advertising services would be forced to ask permission to place a cookie every time a user attempted to follow a link.

If the amendments go through, commercial web sites may be forced to run multi million pound search campaigns without having a detailed understanding of how well the strategy is performing. Most modern forms of web analytics, meanwhile, would also be threatened by the European proposal.

The experience of visiting commercial websites could also be badly affected. Sites may be forced to display a pop-up message – commonly associated with invasive advertising – in order to seek the visitor’s permission before any tracking could be used. Over all, the loss in transactions combined with the cost of implementation would stretch to many millions of Euros in lost revenue each month for online retailers, travel and finance sites.

Full details of the proposed legislative change and its possible ramifications are available through bigmouthmedia’s digital news service.

About bigmouthmedia
Founded in 1997, bigmouthmedia is Europe’s largest and most experienced digital marketing agency and was rated the UK’s #1 Search agency for SEO and PPC in the 2009 NMA Marketing Services Guide. Bigmouthmedia’s 200+ online marketing experts across 12 international offices maximise online brand exposure by means of integrated digital strategies incorporating SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Display Advertising, Online PR and Copywriting. Bigmouthmedia’s multilingual digital solutions deliver outstanding ROI for over 300 world leading brands including British Airways, Tesco, Sky, Cisco, BT, Comic Relief, Barclaycard and Europcar. Bigmouthmedia also provides up to date daily digital marketing news.

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Bigmouthmedia has announced the appointment of Lyndsay Menzies as its new Chief Operations Officer

Bigmouthmedia, Europe’s largest independent digital marketing agency, has announced the appointment of Lyndsay Menzies to Chief Operations Officer (COO).

Stepping into a key group role, Menzies takes top-level operational control across the agency’s ten international territories. Responsible for driving the continued integration of bigmouthmedia, she will also oversee an anticipated expansion of operations following bigmouthmedia’s planned 2009 growth programme.

“As the company continues to grow, ensuring that each new acquisition successfully dovetails with the existing offices requires a dynamic leader capable of implementing best practice across the group, driving synergies and maximising the benefits of our international footprint,” said Steve Leach, Group CEO.

Having indentified the requirement for a COO, bigmouthmedia’s board initially ran a pan-European search for potential recruits, but quickly indentified Menzies as the outstanding candidate.

“It pays to keep a winning team together and, having worked with Lyndsay for over ten years, I have first-hand experience of her tenacious attention to detail and refusal to rest before a job is done. Under her management, bigmouthmedia UK has consistently outperformed expectations, and I am delighted that she will now be bringing her unique mix of passion and expertise to this important international role,” added Leach.

The promotion to COO follows Menzies successful tenure as Managing Director ofbigmouthmedia UK, during which she has driven four consecutive years of exponential growth and seen the company named Britain’s fifth most rapidly growing firm in Deloitte’s Fast 50 Awards. Prior to taking up the role in 2004 she was the agency’s Operation Director, having joined in 1998.

“I’m looking forward to this challenge, particularly at a time when the economic situation is throwing up a whole new set of opportunities and obstacles. I’ll be working hard to ensure that the group’s international footprint and increasing cultural diversity are fully exploited, and am delighted that I will be taking a senior role in the company’s aggressive plans for acquisitions and growth,” said Menzies.

“As bigmouthmedia expands into new territories the heads of our international offices will be coping with many of the same issues we once faced in the UK, and that experience should allow me to provide them the support they need to progress,” said Menzies.

About bigmouthmedia:
Founded in 1997, bigmouthmedia is Europe’s largest independent digital marketing agency. With a team of over 200 staff located across 13 offices in 10 countries on 3 continents, the company maximises exposure for major brands online through a variety of fully integrated digital marketing channels: Search engine optimisation, PPC, Online Media Planning, Affiliate marketing, Social Networking, Brand Monitoring, Online PR and Web Analytics. Bigmouthmedia also provides up to date daily digital marketing news to ensure clients are fully informed and aware of all industry developments.

Leading the digital marketing strategies of a third of the UK’s most trusted brands, bigmouthmedia services over 300 big-brand customers globally including: Adidas, Hilton, British Airways, Tesco, Aer Lingus, BP, Barclays, Castrol, Conrad International, Dorling Kindersley, Early Learning Centre, Fasthosts, Jumeirah, Canon, Samsung, Starbucks, Top Man, Debenhams, Which?, Lacoste, Euler Hermes and Wall Street Institute.

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Cdiscount Has Appointed Bigmouthmedia To Lead Its Search Marketing Strategy For The Launch Of Its UK Operation

Cdiscount, the French online retailer which opens for business in the UK this month, selected bigmouthmedia, Europe’s largest digital marketing agency, to run its search engine optimisation (SEO) campaign following a competitive pitch.

Cdiscount is launching with a range of aggressive offers it claims undercut the competition by up to 50% and the company intends to challenge the dominance of the British market’s biggest e-commerce brands.

“The credit crunch has created a real opportunity for online retailers. Value for money is what really matters to consumers right now, and our launch campaign will be led by a series of very strong offers designed to challenge the established UK players on price, service and quality,” said Arfan Sabir, Online Marketing Manager at Cdiscount UK.

Bigmouthmedia‘s international reputation, together with their proven track record in the retail space, made them the natural choice of partner for the crucial opening phase of our launch in the UK.”

Three times bigger than Amazon in its native France, Cdiscount has a ten year European sales history with a product range spanning fashion, furniture, home entertainment, electronics, gaming, computing and IT, sport and more.

“We’re delighted to be working with Cdiscount at this critical stage of their development. If anything, the current economic climate has given fresh impetus to the online retail sector, and this promises to be an exciting campaign,” said Finlay Clark, Senior Retail Strategist at bigmouthmedia UK.

About Cdiscount:
Cdiscount is the one stop multi-specialist discount superstore selling top quality brands up to 50% cheaper than the rest (Retail Week June 2008). The Cdiscount range includes fashion, furniture, home entertainment, electronics, gaming, computing and IT, sport and leisure, quality wines and much more. The company prides itself on quality, product range, price, service, delivery, after sales support and offers customers interest free finance options on orders over £75.

Cdiscount was established in 1998 and is part of the Casino Group. With more than 10,000 stores, the Casino group is one of the largest global retail and distribution organisations. As a group, it consists of companies such as Géant, Casino Supermarkets, Casino Cafeteria, Monoprix and Franprix/Leaderprice.

About bigmouthmedia:
Founded in 1997, bigmouthmedia are leaders in digital marketing, with a team of over 200 staff across 13 offices in 10 countries on 3 continents the company maximizes return and exposure for major brands online through a variety of fully integrated digital marketing channels: PPC and Search engine optimisation, Online Media Planning, Affiliate marketing, Social Networking, Brand Monitoring, Online PR and Web Analytics. Bigmouthmedia also provides up to date daily digital marketing news to ensure clients are fully informed and aware of all industry developments.

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Bigmouthmedia Has Predicted That 2009 Will Be A Critical Year For The Digital Marketing Industry

Bigmouthmedia, Europe’s largest independent digital marketing agency, has revealed that the next twelve months will have a pivotal role in shaping the digital marketing sector, with analysts citing factors ranging from challenging trading conditions to advanced technology combining to make 2009 a landmark year in the industry’s development.

While the economic downturn will continue to have an impact on every sector, digital marketing businesses will focus on digital’s cost benefits and demonstrable ROI (Return on Investment) in an effort to buck the trend. Trading conditions will seriously impact upon vulnerable agencies however, and a period of industry consolidation seems inevitable.

“Digital marketing has several key advantages when it comes to trading through a recession, but the downturn will wipe some of the smaller players off the map. Agencies reliant on one or two key clients will be particularly vulnerable, and I expect to see a rash of acquisitions and company failures radically reshape the industry over the course of 2009,” said Steve Leach, CEO of bigmouthmedia.

“In the UK, Google’s decision to end BPF (best practice funding) will also have a big impact. The loss of the commissions paid to agencies who recommend their clients spend with the search giant will badly hurt companies who have built their business model around this income stream.

“There are still plenty of opportunities out there, but this isn’t a back bedroom sector anymore. Major clients increasingly require partners with international scale and, as the downwards pressure on costs continues, small scale agencies are going to struggle to cope.”

However, set against a backdrop of steadily increasing corporate use of social media, video and online PR, bigmouthmedia predicts that 2009 will also see increased investment in digital marketing as cost conscious companies seek to improve the quality of commercial content and access new channels, such as mobile marketing.

In search, 2009 is also expected to be a defining year. With the free PPC (Pay Per Click) management tools provided by the major engines expected to continue improving, commercial, third party technologies could be under threat.

“This will be a Beta Max year for the technology underpinning search marketing,” said Leach.

“Until now, while search engines have provided technology to run the PPC marketplace, it has often made a lot of sense to go to a third party for a technical solution to enable automated PPC bidding and management. Will that continue to be the case in 2009? It’ll be a hard year to sign long term search contracts on this issue as it increasingly looks like the search engines are giving better automated solutions away for free.”

About bigmouthmedia 
Founded in 1997, bigmouthmedia is Europe’s largest independent digital marketing agency. With a team of over 200 staff located across 13 offices in 10 countries on 3 continents, the company maximises exposure for major brands online through a variety of fully integrated digital marketing channels: Search engine optimisation, PPC, Online Media Planning, Affiliate marketing, Social Networking, Brand Monitoring, Online PR and Web Analytics. Bigmouthmedia also provides up to date daily digital marketing news to ensure clients are fully informed and aware of all industry developments.

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Bigmouthmedia Appoints Phil Stelter To The New Position Of Head Of Client Strategy

Bigmouthmedia has appointed Phil Stelter to the new position of Head of Client Strategy.

A leading search marketing professional with over a decade of experience, Stelter will play a key role in the company’s continuing expansion strategy. Charged with heading up the strategy team and driving initiatives to increase campaign integration and reduce client costs, the Californian expert will operate out of bigmouthmedia‘s London offices.

“The internet marketing business is rapidly maturing. As the sector continues to develop clients will increasingly demand greater integration between the various strands of their digital campaigns, not to mention even greater return on their investment, and agencies must be ready to meet the greater challenge,” said Stelter.

He continued, “They will need a blend of industry-leading techniques and international perspective that very few companies actually offer, and I believe bigmouthmedia is perfectly positioned to provide it.”

Formerly Director of Business Development for Texas-based Range Online Media, Stelter is a recognised digital marketing expert and regular conference speaker in the US, where he developed new service offerings and innovative online strategies for several Fortune 1000 companies.

In addition to experience with agency search engine optimisation campaigns across the travel, government, health care and retail sectors, he managed a variety of site and product developments at BizRate.com (now Shopzilla) for over four years and has been a representative on various IAB committees and the DoubleClick Client Advisory Board.

We’re delighted to have Phil on board. In the current economic climate the focus is on getting clients more bang for their buck, and by leveraging his experience of cross-channel strategies we expect him to lead integrated digital campaigns that deliver even greater levels of ROI,” said Lyndsay Menzies, Managing Director of bigmouthmedia UK.

“As the digital marketing sector’s nature becomes increasingly international Phil’s experience in the US will also be telling. He is a well-known industry figure in America and will spearhead the expansion of our activities there.”

About bigmouthmedia 
Founded in 1997, bigmouthmedia is Europe’s largest independent digital marketing agency. With a team of over 200 staff located across 13 offices in 10 countries on 3 continents, the company maximises exposure for major brands online through a variety of fully integrated digital marketing channels: Search engine optimisation, PPC, Online Media Planning, Affiliate marketing, Social Networking, Brand Monitoring, Online PR and Web Analytics. Bigmouthmedia also provides up to date daily digital marketing news to ensure clients are fully informed and aware of all industry developments.

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tyBit’s First Payout to Affiliate Partners

Eleven months ago, tyBit Unified Search (www.tyBit.com) hit the Internet running and after coming out of Beta in September, tyBit is already one of the fastest-growing search engines on the Web. Registering over 60 million searches in September and 70 million searches in October, tyBit’s growth is setting a blistering pace. The tyBit business model trumpets transparency and no click-fraud and it is proving itself as a state of the art ad network. tyBit has more than 45,000 advertisers in its extended network. tyBit delivers fast, relevant search results to its users and pays its affiliate partners the most robust revenue share in the industry. Today, tyBit announced that it is sending thousands of dollars in commission checks to its partners.

Clarence Briggs, CEO of tyBit, said, “We have hundreds of AdVARs and affiliates who will receive their first payouts this month. While in Beta, hundreds of early-adopter entrepreneurs joined us in our effort to provide relevant search that is click-fraud free. We are pleased to issue cash distributions to folks like Arjaree Sutton, who received a check for $434.65 after one month.” Briggs also indicated that tyBit advertisers benefit because the pay-per-click (PPC) and Global Keyword Registry (GKR) rates are very inexpensive with transparent reports and zero click-fraud.

The grass roots movement to revolutionize the way people search started years ago when Briggs, also CEO of Web hosting and domain registration company Advanced Internet Technologies (www.AIT.com) , became frustrated with his treatment as an advertiser with other search engines. He decided to build a search engine of his own, and the movement has caught on. “The fact that we are making thousands of dollars in cash distributions to AdVARs and affiliates only 60 days out of Beta, and in the current economic climate, says a lot about tyBit and our acceptance in the marketplace,” stated Briggs. With over 45,000 advertisers in tyBit’s advertising module and a large number of third-party advertisers, tyBit’s growing number of AdVARs and partners will earn even more from their competitive revenue share. In fact, tyBit encourages its affiliates and AdVARs to contact advertisers directly and offer to manage their ad campaigns inside of tyBit. Partners and AdVARs receive up to 40 percent of any advertising revenue they generate. tyBit does not compete with its partners. It allows them to private-label the engine. “ISPs, carriers and traditional media are waiting in line to get their own search engine,” said Briggs.

Kenn Rivers is a successful AIT reseller located in Tacoma, Washington. He decided to expand his businesses and become a tyBit AdVAR and affiliate. River’s first commission check from tyBit will be $521.54. He also earns considerable revenue managing ad campaigns for his clients in tyBit. Rivers teamed with AIT as the corporate advisor of WACommerce (www.wacommerce.org) a new government procurement portal, with tyBit embedded, that is designed with the small-business owner in mind. “Our company’s focus is on helping small business clients increase their bottom line and save money,”said Rivers. “Through WAsearch.us, a tyBit affiliate site, and as a tyBit ad manager, I’m excited to provide my clients a way to get actual 100 percent click-fraud free advertising, and they love it! I haven’t seen any other advertising program offer this. It’s great.”

Dennis Espindola, owner of GlobalKeywordRegistrar.com, located in Soquel, California, augmented his business with tyBit’s GKR and AdVAR programs. As a search engine marketer, Espindola immediately saw the benefits that tyBit’s GKR program would provide his customers. “I have developed a new stream of income, managing pay-per-click advertising for my clients,” said Espindola. The AdVAR program helps Espindola earn a revenue share based on the money his clients spend with tyBit. The Affiliate program also gave Espindola everything he needed to create his own tyBit search engine at OodlesSearch.com. A feat Dennis thought would be years away took only a few hours to complete with tyBit. “tyBit’s AdVAR/Affiliate program provides you with the ability to become your own search engine just as I did,” says Espindola. He goes on to say, “My companies have seen great things working with tyBit. I can’t wait to see the new features in 2009.” “Becoming a tyBit AdVAR creates new streams of income to power your business to the next level.”

Many of the successful AdVARs are AIT resellers. These successful entrepreneurs leverage the combined products and services of AIT and tyBit to offer comprehensive Internet marketing packages to their clients. Multiple industry studies have shown that you can increase the effectiveness of your online advertising campaigns in search engines with cross-channel marketing strategies. AIT has two new products that create opportunities to present information and sell your product to the customer. “AIT’s Email Marketer Pro (www.ait.com/email-marketer/) , is a hosted e-mail marketing application that allows you to send thousands of e-mails per day, while remaining compliant with industry standard anti-spam emailing rules. Furthermore, it is s an excellent compliment to tyBit’s Global Keyword Registry and Pay Per Click advertising. AIT’s Email Marketer Pro, a hosted e-mail marketing application that allows you to send thousands of e-mails per day and is an excellent compliment to tyBit’s Global Keyword Registry and Pay Per click advertising. Our newest product, tyVoice (www.ait.com/tyvoice/) , is an automated telephone calling system. This product enhances the portfolio of AIT’s state-of-the-art marketing tools,” said Avery Skelton, vice president of sales and marketing for AIT.

tyBit is a member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau, an industry trade association dedicated to maintaining the highest standards in online advertising. tyBit Inc. began development of its search engine and social network early in 2006 and came out of Beta at the end of September. tyBit is affiliated with AIT, a technology company that has maintained 14 straight years of sustained profitability and generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue while creating a profound economic influence, on its surrounding community. AIT has been named twice to the Inc. 500 list of fast-growing firms and three times to the Deloitte & Touché Fast 500 list, and has been previously named as the N.C. Entrepreneur Firm of the Year.

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Bigmouthmedia Appoints David Hardy As The Search Marketing Group’s International Sales And Marketing Director

David Hardy has joined bigmouthmedia as the search marketing group’s International Sales and Marketing Director.

Stepping into a key strategic and operational post, Hardy will play a lead role in the delivery of the group’s growth and expansion programme. Charged with strengthening the company’s sales and marketing operations across 13 international offices, Marks & Spencer Money’s former Head of Online Marketing and Ecommerce expects to hit the ground running.

“It’s a tremendously exciting time to be joining bigmouthmedia. This is an industry-leading company that operates in a constantly shifting marketplace, and every day brings a fresh set of challenges,” said Hardy. “That generates the kind of pace and atmosphere it’s impossible to avoid getting caught up in.”

Prior to his stint driving Marks & Spencer Money’s highly successful ecommerce strategy, Hardy served as Online Retailing and Marketing Director at Hilton Hotels International. A highly experienced marketing professional, he previously occupied senior roles at American Airlines and HSBC.

“After over 13 years client side this is my first role with an agency – I was convinced to cross the line because of the strengths of the bigmouthmedia operation and its plans for the future,” added Hardy.

“After several years working with bigmouthmedia as a client I’m in a good position to know this. Whilst the view is slightly different on the agency side, it’s an exciting and dynamic time to be in e-commerce irrespective of whether you’re an agency or client, and I’m fortunate to be in a position to see both perspectives.”

Bigmouthmedia Group CEO Steve Leach added: “We’re delighted to be working with David. He brings a wealth of international business experience to the senior management team that I’m confident will deliver real benefits as we continue to drive the group forward.”

About bigmouthmedia
Founded in 1997, bigmouthmedia is Europe’s largest independent digital marketing agency. With a team of over 200 staff located across 13 offices in 10 countries on 3 continents, the company maximises exposure for major brands online through a variety of fully integrated digital marketing channels: Search engine optimisation, PPC, Online Media Planning, Affiliate marketing, Social Networking, Brand Monitoring, Online PR and Web Analytics. Bigmouthmedia also provides up to date daily digital marketing news to ensure clients are fully informed and aware of all industry developments.

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Virgin Media gets festive with the launch of a new Christmas microsite providing inspiration for gifts and advice on Christmas dilemmas

As the festive season fast approaches, Virgin Media has unveiled a brand new Christmas microsite providing inspiration for gifts and advice on family dilemmas.

The new Virgin Media microsite contains a host of top brands, such as Marks and Spencer, John Lewis, Toys R Us, Red Letter Days and Majestic Wine, and is bursting with Christmas gift ideas for everyone. With over four million products available to choose from, the new site makes it even easier to browse through the special gift sections to help find the perfect present for that special someone.

The new site also includes a host of daily updated features to help avoid any Christmas crises or family feuds. There is a wide range of articles available on the site covering the weird and the wonderful, to common Christmas questions, such as presents for pets, festive recipes and party planning, budgeting for Christmas, top skiing destinations, the best European Christmas markets, gift giving etiquette, ethical and eco-friendly Christmas tips and lots more.

To really get into the seasonal spirit, from 1st December, there will also be an interactive advent calendar which will feature some of the best Christmas steals and deals available, as well as competitions.

The new Virgin Media Christmas microsite offers a massive range of high street shops and must-have brands, including personalised gifts, most-wanted toys, snazzy gadgets, top-class wine and champagne, festive flowers, imaginative experiences and, gifts, designer clothing and sportswear, and awesome electronics.

About Virgin Media
Virgin Media is an innovative and pioneering UK entertainment and communications business. For the first time consumers can get everything they need from one company – the UK’s only quad-play of TV, broadband, phone and mobile, plus the most advanced TV on demand service, all delivered through its unique fibre-optic cable network. Virgin Media launched the UK’s first high definition TV service, is the only TV platform to carry BBC iPlayer, and offers a high-specification, HD-ready V+ personal video recorder. Virgin Media is the UK’s largest residential broadband provider, the largest virtual mobile network operator and the second-largest provider of pay TV and home phone.

Virgin Media has been voted the sixth Most Loved Brand in Britain in a Marketing magazine poll, as well as having been voted the Most Trusted ISP Brand 2008 by Reader’s Digest magazine. The Sunday Times also awarded Virgin Media its 2008 Best Buy awards for broadband and movies on demand.

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This New Site Is An Innovative Membership Site That Has Much To Offer Aspiring Internet Marketers

They offer original audio interviews with the best and greatest internet marketers on the web today. These audio interviews are updated on a monthly basis, offering helpful mentoring for new internet marketers as well as old pros.

Internet Marketers Find Helpful Business Mentors to Increase Success at Mentors On Call

Today there are many people who are getting involved in internet marketing and looking for a way to be successful. In fact, with the recent problems with the economy and the loss of great jobs, there are many people now pursuing careers in internet marketing. Marketers on the web are always looking for new information and mentors to help increase their success and now one new site is offering information from top mentors to aid in marketing success – www.MentorsOnCall.net.

This new site is an innovative membership site that has much to offer aspiring internet marketers. They offer original audio interviews with the best and greatest internet marketers on the web today. These audio interviews are updated on a monthly basis, offering helpful mentoring for new internet marketers as well as old pros.

The top internet marketing names include many well known marketers, including Ty Cohen, Marc Gamble, Jay Conrad Levinson, Eva Browne-Patterson, Mark Flavin, and John Taylor, just to name a few. Some of the topics that are covered by these mentors include strategies for getting started in internet marketing, tips for making money quickly, secrets for testing and tracking, online product promotion, and many more important and informative topics. The audio interviews provided essentially take users through internet marketing step by step for a no fail approach.

Not only does the site offer helpful audio interviews, but a top quality newsletter is also offered to members of the site as well. Other benefits that are offered include free software, helpful videos, articles full of helpful internet marketing information, and excellent ebooks to help marketers improve their career and success.

The two men behind this site, Larry Combs and Daniel Truelove, both found themselves dealing with the struggles that many internet marketers today are going through a few years ago. Due to their own experiences and what they have learned in the past few years, they now are able to offer this membership service that offers the key to success to other people involved in internet marketing today.

To learn more about how you can join this site to have access to top internet marketing mentors, visit Mentors On Call for more information.

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Vivix Is A Revolutionary Product That Can Stimulate Positive Changes To Your Health As Well As Presenting New And Exciting Business Opportunities To Stimulate Your Personal Economy

Recognized by industry professionals since the 1960’s as both pioneer and leader in natural nutritional products, Shaklee unites innovative product with unique online business opportunities for those wishing to pursue home based income.

Is it possible that one product could not only free up the hours in your life wasted on work and commuting but extend your life as well? Well my friends, that possibility has bloomed into reality, and it’s yours for the taking! Got your antennae waving yet? Click this link to hone in.


Vivix, Shaklee’s latest and greatest innovation, arrives just in time, to a market where everyday thousands of people seek out alternatives not only to the traditional work week, but to fast paced, stress inducing lifestyles. If you’ve all but worn out the soles of your boots in that hectic rat race of making money for everyone else, its time to throw on some flip flops and start letting the people and the money run to you! The online business opportunity of a lifetime is just a click away, and surely its one small step that you can and will take for yourself. I did! And I’m proud to say both the health of my body and the health of my wallet grew stronger than I ever imagined.

Friends, online business opportunities will rarely ever show you a fortune that benefits both body and bank account. Vivix truly is that rare exception. I wholeheartedly encourage you to explore the link below. Vivix’s ability to revolutionize your life is so well recognized, we’ve even got Barbara Walters talking! You may have never heard my name before today, but certainly you will take a moment to hear it from one of the top names in journalism how you could be changing your life. Click this link to hear more from Ms. Walters!

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