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First Electoral Roll Update of the New Year

Tracesmart, providers of online Electoral Roll search tools, have announced the release of the first Rolling Register u p d a t e s of 2010. The company hold the edited Electoral Rolls f r o m 2003 onwards, with their most recent addition being 2010 Electoral Roll data, which was released in December. The new data will ensure that individuals using Tracesmart’s people search facilities will have access to the latest Electoral Roll information available.

The use of online Electoral Roll searches to find long lost friends and relatives has grown increasingly popular during the past few years. For providers of such services it is essential that they u p d a t e their Electoral Roll data at the earliest possible opportunity to ensure their customer’s searches are successful; Rolling Register data allows providers to do just that.

Historically, those eligible to vote could only add their details to the Electoral Roll once a year. However, since the introduction of the Rolling Register, people whose personal circumstances have changed during the year – for example they move home – are now able to register their new details onto the electoral database throughout the year. Tracesmart u p d a t e their Electoral Roll records with this information and in doing so, ensure those that use their people and name searchtools, get the results they need.

The Rolling Register u p d a t e s follow on f r o m last month’s loading of the Electoral Roll 2010 – an achievement of which the company are proud as they made 2010 electoral data available before their competitors. Paul Weathersby, Technical Director at Tracesmart, highlighted how this accomplishment benefited Tracesmart users,

“This year new Electoral Roll data was loaded into our systems in record time, providing our customers with access to some of the latest information available at the earliest possible opportunity. Loading new data swiftly significantly improves our customer’s tracing success rates, as it allows our address search and people search tools to provide the most up-to-date results available.”

In addition to loading new data regularly, Tracesmart also work hard to fill in any data ‘gaps’. The Electoral Roll opt-out rate has risen to 46% of eligible voters in the UK, a gap which could hinder tracing efforts – however Tracesmart minimises any impact by providing their customers with additional datasets to search.

“Our unique Tracesmart Register database is compiled f r o m various data protection compliant sources and currently holds 38 million records, which helps us to bridge the opt-out gap. We continue to source new data all of the time; our monthly Electoral Roll amendments via the Rolling Register is just one of the data acquisition projects which highlight Tracesmart’s commitment to providing customers with access to the most up-to-date information available.” Weathersby remarked.

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Tracesmart Bolster Their Database

Tracesmart, the online people search providers, have announced the addition of 100,000 rolling register updates for their tracing website. The new records will further assist customers when performing their online searches, delivering added accuracy to the Tracesmart facility. The new electoral roll data consists of individuals who have moved home or changed other details during the past month and have contacted their local authority to register their change of circumstance. The annual canvas of the UK population is undertaken during October every year, offering households the choice to opt out of the electoral roll if they wish. The option has given people the freedom to decide if their information is to be kept in the public domain, or only made available to those within local authority or credit reference agencies.

The number of people choosing to opt-out has risen since the opportunity was introduced in 2003, however the electoral roll continues to document millions of people and in 2009 the total amassed was 25 million records. Paul Weathersby, Tracesmart’s Technical Director, explains that although this number is lower than previous years, he is confident that the company’s unique Tracesmart Register fills in the gaps, strengthening the database. Weathersby commented, “We were the first website to publish the monthly updates, and we know from listening to customers that this has benefited them greatly. The fresh data we upload monthly is in addition to the Tracesmart Register, which is a database of data compliant sources.”

The Tracesmart Register has 250,000 new record uploads every month, and the extra rolling register monthly additions bolster the websites positioning as the premium name search facility.

“We pride ourselves on the information we hold, and invest in the most current data available to us. This provides our customers with the best possible chance of a successful address search to find relatives or friends,” said Owen Roberts, Tracesmart’s Communications Manager.

Anyone who moves or changes their details is encouraged to contact their local authority or visit the website About My Vote to register or update their details.

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