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Base Element, Cognigy partnership will enable the design and implementation of cutting-edge conversational AI solutions for clients and their brands

LONDON, 16-Nov-2018 — /EPR INTERNET NEWS/ — Base Element, a European digital agency, and Cognigy, a leading conversational AI platform software provider have entered to a strategic partnership agreement. This partnership will enable the design and implementation of cutting-edge conversational AI solutions for clients and their brands. The teaming up of Base Element and Cognigy will provide marketers with valuable tools to drive customer engagement and increase conversions, while maintaining meaningful relationships with their audiences through conversational AI interfaces.

“Brands are dynamic and living organisations. Conversing with their clients and prospects needs to be an organic process rather than just an engagement metric on a dashboard. It is a vital part of the customer experience,” Antonis Neocleous, Co-Founder and Director of Base Element, pointed out. “We have been deeply committed to enabling our clients to provide a consistent brand experience across touch points. Partnering with Cognigy, a pioneer in conversational AI technology, significantly supports this commitment.”

Cognigy’s partner ecosystem is at the heart of value creation for clients. They operate as a trusted advisor to both enable and guide clients to realize their potential and to assist them in implementing solutions to seize new opportunities. According to Cognigy’s spokesperson, “This includes understanding what it means to build a conversational practice, as well as how to configure, extend and maintain successful conversational AI projects. The team at Base Element know both the data and experience management space very well. We have a lot of confidence in what they can develop, execute and deliver.”

SOURCE: EuropaWire

Secret Meditation – The Talking Website

According to estimates the daily transferred and publicly data amount amounts in 2011 to about 500 Petabyte (1 PB = 1 million GB). To be able to fancy itself this unbelievable flood in bits and bytes better: 500 Petabyte correspond to the 2,000-fold data amount of all books which have been written in the whole world – into all languages.

If the question positions itself: who should read all that? Now a new web page which is pursued by the publishing company Jakob’s way live into German and English language makes a good beginning friendly to user. The Secret meditation is a new meditation kind which belongs to the active meditations which, according to the publisher, „for the small energy hunger occasionally“ should be suitable.

Special is in this web offer that the whole contents register the user in writing and are read out at the same time. Besides, it is possible to choose between female and male voice and to switch off background music in or. Thus one is greeted on the homepage by a winking angelic face: „I would like to congratulate you that you have found here. Whether you believe in chances, or is followed your intuition, whatever has brought you here – you have steered this consciously or unconsciously. And thus this side will help you on your way – so or so.“

Finally, about the undersides philosophy and the Visionboard – Craftcorner the user finds to the Meditations – designer in whom he to themselves put together his individual meditation and downloaden is able. However, a small drop of bitterness remains which is to be owed to the enormously high data amounts of the web page: the loading times of the single sides are a little longer than one is used in the age of the Internet. However, who would like to allow himself in the hectic Cyberspace a few minutes of relaxation, this time will raise with pleasure and – one agrees so nicely read out.

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Florida Internet Marketing Company Starts 2010 With A Roar

Three new Web site development contracts and two new Internet marketing consulting contracts have been awarded to Florida-based Web site development and Internet marketing specialist Sales & Marketing Technologies (SMT).

Florida Internet Marketing Company Starts 2010 With A Roar

“For our company, it marks a very positive start to the new decade. The new contracts provide for services ranging from new Web site design development, including installation of our Conversion Site, a flexible content management system pioneered by SMT, to consultation on marketing. Four of the new clients are in the medical field, including a dental care specialist and Medicare supplement insurance provider.

The new clients who have contracted with Sales & Marketing Technologies for design and consulting services include:

• Pacific Breast Care, Costa Mesa, Calif., a leader in breast imaging, including prevention, detection and treatment of breast cancers.

• Michael A. Chiantella P.A. Estate Planning Services, Venice, Fla., legal experts and specialists in estate planning, power of attorney, living wills, retirement benefits, asset protection and bankruptcy exemption planning and trust planning.

• Dr. Ronald M. Olszewski D.D.S. Dental Services, Grand Rapids Mich., whose www.alwaysasmile.com provides information on the practice’s full range of dental services.

• Medicare Supplement Center, Dallas, Texas, insurance professionals providing Medicare Supplemental Insurance (MediGap) insurance policies used to assist clients in paying for copayments or deductibles of Medicare covered services.

• Advanced Cosmetic Technology’s ActNaturals.com, New York, NY the Web site for marketing and information about Advanced Cosmetic Technology’s permanent hair color and semi-permanent tinting shampoos and conditioners.

SMT President & CEO Dave Larson did not disclose the total financial impact of the new contracts, but described the total value as “one that makes a significant impact on our growth for 2010.”

Sales & Marketing Technologies (SMT) is a leading full-service Web development and Internet marketing company. SMT creates, develops and markets custom Websites for businesses in the U.S., U.K., Caribbean, and South America. Additionally, SMT offers Internet marketing and lead generation programs, consulting Web hosting services, strategic planning and social media integration. More information: 800-434-0339 & www.smtusa.com.

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Proposed European Legal Move Planned To Regulate The Use Of Cookies Could Have A Profound Negative Impact Upon Some Of The World’s Biggest Businesses

Bigmouthmedia has warned that a proposed European legal move to regulate the use of cookies could have a profound negative impact upon the some of the world’s biggest businesses.

In a move that threatens affiliate marketing, bid management and web analytics, proposed amendments to the 2002 European Communities Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications would mean that in future, websites would only be able to place cookies on visitors’ computers if they give their express consent.

“This is a proposal that would strike at the very heart of what the digital economy is all about. The ability to measure, track and improve the site experience for visitors is key to the success of e-commerce, and given the potentially damaging effect this could have on a multi-billion pound business channel, suggests legislators don’t quite appreciate the havoc they could cause,” said Andrew Girdwood, Head of Search at bigmouthmedia.

“This isn’t really a privacy issue. More often than not, cookies only contain data to measure the success of keywords or affiliates. We support attempts to raise awareness of privacy issues and provide internet users with more control but believe these functions would be better provided by the browser than the website. This would give users even greater flexibility and more consistency.”

Many areas of the digital marketing business could be seriously affected if the proposed legislative changes come into effect, with big names from Amazon to Google likely to be hit. Services dependent on using user data to track sales such as affiliate marketing would suffer significantly, while pay-per-click advertising services would be forced to ask permission to place a cookie every time a user attempted to follow a link.

If the amendments go through, commercial web sites may be forced to run multi million pound search campaigns without having a detailed understanding of how well the strategy is performing. Most modern forms of web analytics, meanwhile, would also be threatened by the European proposal.

The experience of visiting commercial websites could also be badly affected. Sites may be forced to display a pop-up message – commonly associated with invasive advertising – in order to seek the visitor’s permission before any tracking could be used. Over all, the loss in transactions combined with the cost of implementation would stretch to many millions of Euros in lost revenue each month for online retailers, travel and finance sites.

Full details of the proposed legislative change and its possible ramifications are available through bigmouthmedia’s digital news service.

About bigmouthmedia
Founded in 1997, bigmouthmedia is Europe’s largest and most experienced digital marketing agency and was rated the UK’s #1 Search agency for SEO and PPC in the 2009 NMA Marketing Services Guide. Bigmouthmedia’s 200+ online marketing experts across 12 international offices maximise online brand exposure by means of integrated digital strategies incorporating SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Display Advertising, Online PR and Copywriting. Bigmouthmedia’s multilingual digital solutions deliver outstanding ROI for over 300 world leading brands including British Airways, Tesco, Sky, Cisco, BT, Comic Relief, Barclaycard and Europcar. Bigmouthmedia also provides up to date daily digital marketing news.

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The 1st Dental Lab Website Design System

Dentistry 21 is proud to present our brand new website service, the first and only website design system specifically created for dental labs. After years of creating impressive dental websites for dentists  we have become a leader in another field of dentistry. In just 5 minutes, dental labs can create an attractive and comprehensive website that includes professionally written content and images, all of which are fully customizable. The list of features include: over 100 design variations that can be changed at anytime, unlimited pages, and customizable content & images.

This easy-to-use system does not require any website design knowledge and enables dental labs to create a personalized website that best represents their lab. Dentistry 21’s packages are priced competitively and the company offers a no-obligation free preview of the websites. 

For more information, contact Dentistry21 at 888-423-9235

or visit www.dentistry21.com.

Dentsitry21, Dental Websites of Future

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