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Code A Wish Corp Hosts “AI 101” Summer Virtual Series for Teens amid Pandemic

Rockville, MD, 2020-Jul-30 — /EPR INTERNET NEWS/ — “Code A Wish Corp” is a Maryland 501(c)3 non-profit that is run by teens and for teens. The club was started by six high schoolers that come from Montgomery, Howard, and Fairfax County in the Greater Washington DC area in the summer of 2019. They shared the same vision that public schools nationwide have an educational gap on teaching the latest technology such as AI, especially to those that are under privileged. The founder of the non-profit Faith Cheung, a senior from Richard Montgomery High School first started a school chapter of “Girls who Code” and realized the need for technology education is unmet by the public school curriculum. After teaching coding at local libraries and even foster homes in Taiwan, she founded the non-profit at the end of the summer of 2019. A team of six like-minded high school students swiftly was formed and the idea of running a tech conference called “the Future Summit” began. With months of extensive planning and coordination, the tech conference went live on November 16th, 2019 at the Hilton in Gaithersburg, MD. The “Future Summit” proved to be a huge success. More than 200 teens from the East Coast were in attendance to hear prominent entrepreneurs and computer scientists give cutting edge speeches on machine learning, voice technology AI and the fourth industrial revolution.

To continue the outreach to even more teens amid the pandemic in 2020, the group has kicked off a new virtual summer series called “AI 101”. The learning gap in the tech field is evident when we asked such basic questions regarding AI in our AI Virtual interactive webinars. Unfortunately, not many could actually answer. The organization aims to fill a huge gap to the school system in hope to provide much needed education to teens so that they can be better equipped with foundational knowledge in AI and other emerging technology.

On July 3rd, 2020, “Code A Wish” hosted their first summer 2020 AI 101 webinar where over a hundred students enthusiastically participated. The first webinar was also published on youtube for those that could not join the live session: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jcLELI2aroo&t=1s

Since then, a weekly live session has been running and hundreds of students have signed up to join the interactive webinars. Topics so far generated interest from nearly 300 elementary and middle schoolers. The topics have also been carefully chosen to reflect the latest affairs. For example, the second episode was dedicated to the use of AI in Covid-19 research. The team is striving for reaching even more students this summer and providing an easy to follow virtual platform to engage teens. The next virtual webinar will be hosted on Friday July 31st, 2020 at 5 pm Eastern Standard Time. To register, please use the following link: cutt.ly/AI101

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nGen VidCom LLC Announces High Speed Video Service to Nigeria through a Strategic Alliance

nGen VidCom LLC, a global leader in converged video and collaborations services, today announced a new, strategic alliance with Vision Telecommunications Technologies Nigeria, a leading telecommunications hardware and services company, to bring a high speed video collaboration gateway from Nigeria to North America.

Under the terms of this multi-year alliance, Vision Telecommunications Technologies will offer its customers GlobalMeetLive (GML), a cloud-based video collaboration solution to its new and existing customers and channel partners.

“All businesses rely upon web based collaboration to conduct business in this rapidly changing economy. “nGen’s GML solution combines collaboration, true video conferencing and large scale streaming all within a single service” said Tom Clark, CEO of nGen VidCom LLC. “Our alliance with Vision Telecommunications Technologies Nigeria will allow both firms to provide full converged video collaboration communications with no latency or loss of quality between the continents”.

GlobalMeetLive is nGen’s cloud-based converged cloud based collaboration solution that replaces existing collaboration services by combining HD Video Conferencing, web Collaboration and interactive streaming in one solution. Of strategic significance is GML’s “firewall traversal” technology that allows video communications to traverse the enterprise firewall without compromising security or adversely affecting network resources (bandwidth). GML users are able to conduct face-to-face meetings on all communications devices, desk & laptops, tablets and smart phones.

“This alliance will enable a clear connection between world financial centers in Africa, North America, Europe and Asia,” said Adesola Dada, CEO and Founder of Vision Telecommunications Technology Nigeria, LLC. “At this time our firms are pioneering advanced, cloud based video services between the two continents”.

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Cycleharmony.com Announces Upcoming Webinar: “Period Pain: What Causes It And How To Find Relief”

CycleHarmony.com is pleased to announce its upcoming free webinar on the subject of period pain. The purpose of the webinar is to educate women on the causes of period pain, various natural remedies for pain relief, as well as pain prevention by undertaking necessary lifestyle changes.

Los Angeles, CA – If you suffer from various period pains such as cramps, backaches and headaches, you are not alone. According to a poll at CycleHarmony.com, “ period pain ” is listed as the worst PMS symptom, followed by “irritability or persistent anger,” “fatigue” and “breast tenderness.”

According to Jing Jin, the founder of CycleHarmony.com, “Pain is a necessary part of life. It can warn us, teach us, and provide us with important information about our body, our mind and our life. Yet few of us take these messages seriously, let alone develop a healthy relationship with what’s causing them.”

“No one likes pain. It’s unpleasant. It makes us suffer. So we want to get rid of it as quickly as possible,” said Jing Jin. “This is natural. But ignoring pain, suppressing it or hating it doesn’t help us. It may even hurt us in the long run if we continue to ignore the important information our body is trying to communicate to us. More serious issues could surface later on as a result.”

To educate women on how to manage their period pain, and how to cultivate a helpful and constructive relationship with their menstrual cycles, Jing Jin teamed up with Cycle Harmony’s advisors Jason Moskovitz, L.AC. DIPL.O.M., and Leslie Carol Botha to host a free webinar dedicated to this subject.

Jason is a licensed acupuncturist and resident practitioner at Tao of Wellness Clinic in Newport Beach, California. He brings a wealth of clinical knowledge and experience from treating women with premenstrual and menstrual conditions. Leslie is a respected educator on women’s health, author, publisher, and broadcast journalist. She offers her wisdom based on 30 years of research on how hormonal changes/fluctuations affect women’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

“We want to bring more awareness to this area. We want to educate women on the causes of pain, and various natural remedies they can use to relieve pain during their premenstrual and menstrual periods. And most importantly, we want to encourage women to develop a new perspective and new way of dealing with pain, one with more curiosity, understanding and compassion,” said Leslie Botha with her trademark passion and conviction.

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